Diphenoxylate Rehab and Detox

Diphenoxylate, which goes by the brand name Diocalm is an opiate drug that is normally used in order to tackle diarrhea. It can act very slowly to take care of any intestinal contractions that happen in the body so as to consolidate the contents within the intestine of a person. This ensures that loose motion does not happen, thus allowing for the intestines to draw out the moisture, which reduces the passing of the stool. This is directly responsible for the elimination of any kind of loose stools, and hence happens to be the main ingredient for any medication that involves treatment of diarrhea.

However, Diphenoxylate addicts have been using this drug for quite a while, and it is only recently that it has been classified as a drug to look out for. Authorities are doing their best in order to curb the illegal use of Diphenoxylate, however addicts tend to get their fix from using this drug.

Rehab facilities for Diphenoxylate addiction

Since it happens to be a form of medication, its procurement will need to be curtailed at the very beginning. So, for people addicted with Diphenoxylate use, it is important for them to get admitted into an inpatient treatment facility. This way, their longing to secure the Diphenoxylate would be in vain, as it would be a controlled environment. Moreover, the presence of medical professionals will also act as a deterrent for them to make use of this drug.

Detox centers normally find addicts with the following withdrawal symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Vomitting
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stomach cramps
  • Problems in digestion
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Palpitation of the heart

Diphenoxylate belongs to a very small family of opiates, and henceforth can provide an artificial high to its users within a very short amount of time. Therefore, it also needs to be substituted by some other alternative multi drug therapy so that its dependency can be curtailed on the patient.

Rehab and therapeutic centers for Diphenoxylate addiction

There are multiple treatment centers that specialize in taking care of patients with Diphenoxylate addiction. It is important for people to get themselves admitted at the earliest possible opportunity so as to kick off this drug from their system. Treatment centers deal with counseling, as well as appropriate group therapy sessions so as to help people tackle the problems associated with the depreciation of a drug in the bloodstream.

Of course, there are going to be a lot of problems when taking out a particular drug habit. However, with proper environment and mental agility, patients can make it through this particular trying time. Diphenoxylate addiction can be a lot easier to kick out of the system if you maintain a strict regimen and follow the policies laid down by the treatment center. After all, there is a high chance of successful people that spend a considerable amount of time in the rehab center and extract a lot of knowledge about its use and the fallacies of it. Encouraging people to learn more about the harmful effects of Diphenoxylate addiction is also necessary.


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