How To Quit Smoking This Year: Drop the Cigarette Burden

Research shows that there are many ways to quit smoking, but only one way to start quitting; there must be that first admission of addiction. Addictions are not easy to deal with but they are impossible to deal with if they are never acknowledged. A great first step for any smoker who desires to stop is to admit that they are addicted and need to make some major life changes in order to be free from cigarettes.


How To Change the Smoking Lifestyle

Once the admission of addiction is made, then steps must be made to alter the living environment. Studies have shown that a reduction in the number of “smoking triggers,” things that are reminders of smoking, will result in a greater likelihood of success in quitting. Following are several steps to follow to help improve the smoker’s environment for quitting:

  1. Rearrange the most common smoking location so that it looks like a new place. Add a piece of furniture or take out an old piece.
  2. Throw away all smoking related paraphernalia in the home or workplace.
  3. Alter morning or afternoon schedules to accommodate for a life without smoke breaks.

Accountability Helps

Another important aspect of quitting smoking involves the people in the lives of the smoker. Some smokers find it advantageous to tell everyone in their lives that they are quitting. They should also state a specific date on which they will be quitting. This accountability makes a big difference when it comes to increasing the quitter’s motivation. When the smoker knows that everyone they told will be expecting them to quit, it makes it more difficult to think of facing their friends and family members having failed.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Your Smoking Self

What’s the worst thing that happens if the smoker falls back? They just have to start again. Maybe the methods that were used the first time around were not effective, but maybe the smoker just needs to go through the mental process of seeing themselves as a non-smoker more than once before it becomes a permanent fixture in their lives.

Tools for Quitting Smoking

There are many physiological aids to help the smoker kick the habit. From gum, to cigarette substitutes, to prescriptions, to patches, the smoker can find an aid that will work for them, but it may take a few tries.

The Quit Smoking Mantra

Keep trying! Don’t give up if the first attempt at being smoke-free fails. Commit to be a non-smoker in 2017 even if it takes until September or October to kick the habit. Decide that this will be the smoke-free year. Commit to be a non-smoker by Thanksgiving. If it takes one try or 15 tries, don’t give up