Salvia Divinorum:The Legal Drug

Salvia Divinorum

There was a time when marijuana, cocaine, even LSD was legal. Thankfully, state and federal laws were enacted to outlaw these dangerous drugs and protect society as a whole. Now, there is another drug that is causing concern across America, Salvia Divinorum, and yes, Salvia is legal.

Salvia Divinorum has received the street name as the “new marijuana”, however its effects are closer to those of LSD. It is a member of the Sage family and when taken, produces psychoactive or psychotropic effects. This is a result of Salvia affecting the central nervous system. Salvia’s effects occur very quickly and the user reports a sense of altered consciousness nearly immediately after taking.

Salvia: Spiritual Journey or Quick High

The Salvia Divinorum plant is not new to humankind. Mazatec shamans have used it for thousands of years. They primarily use Salvia to create a drink that is believed to enhance their healing powers and direct them on a spiritual course; teens use Salvia for a quick mind-altering high. Salvia, unlike many other drugs, does not last long. Depending upon the dose taken, the effects of Salvia may last anywhere from ten minutes to one hour.

Salvia on YouTube

The appearance of Salvia videos on YouTube has sparked an increase in recognition of the herb as well as its use. YouTube hosts a number of videos that show teenagers using Salvia and also documents their experiences while under its influence. The videos reveal that the herb has the ability to completely disorient its users, gives them uncontrollable laughter, and the feeling of greater awareness of spiritual truths. Since Salvia has been used by shaman for its spiritual purposes, most people report that they experience great spiritual visions and imagery when taking Salvia.

Salvia – Legal but is it Safe?

Safety is of the greatest concern regarding Salvia Divinorum. The fact is that there simply haven’t been enough studies or research regarding Salvia to determine its long term effects, or even if it has therapeutic or medical benefits. However, this hasn’t stopped many people from determining that Salvia needs to be controlled.

Salvia is becoming quickly regulated due to the fact that there have been negative and tragic reports attributed to its use. Though there have yet to be any deaths associated with Salvia Divinorum, one family believes that Salvia use may have contributed to the suicide of their son- Brett Chidester.

Salvia Divinorum: Brett’s Law

Though there has been no concrete conclusion that Brett Chidester committed suicide because of Salvia, the herb was found in his system as revealed through toxicology reports. There were other factors that may have contributed to Brett’s suicide but the family could not overlook the fact that Salvia may have played a role. They lobbied and Brett’s Law was signed into law in April of 2006, just several month’s after Brett’s suicide. This began a closer look at Salvia across the states and many other states have followed suit. Additionally, states across the globe are continuing to look at Salvia and are taking measures to control this psychoactive herb.